Pull Over From Behind - Police Had No Visual

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Pull Over From Behind - Police Had No Visual

by: jpark1991 on

I was pulled over after swirling and he claimed that I was on the phone - there was zero chance he had the visual of me on the phone

If I take this to the court, would they provide video to prove that he was just making false accusation?

He asked "I saw you with my eyes that you were driving with the phone, do you have black phone (yes), where is your phone? (cup holder)"

Without asking further question, he walked to his car and left me with the ticket.

I contacted the ticket fighter and they said there is 60% of winning and if I lose, I still have to pay for the consultation fee + $490 + 3 points.

I've heard judges take this offense seriously so it's hard to win, a young driver driving Mercedes, I don't think judges will go easy on me.

What do you guys think, it's worth it?

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