Visual Impairment

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Visual Impairment

by: cseguin1970 on

Hi all! I had a minor stroke on November 6, 2011 which left me with a small visual impairment! My neurologist informed me that MTO would be contacted because of it. On November 15, 2011 I received a letter from MTO stating that they needed a full Esterman or Goldmann binocular field test by January 15, 2011 or my license will be suspended. Now, my problem field test isn't until March 16, 2011 and MTO will not give me an extension! So, looks like my license will be suspended! Question # 1 I able to drive until January 15, 2011? Question # 2 is.....what will i need to do to get my license reinstated if or when I pass my field test?

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by: Stanton on

Your licence should still be valid until the date stated by the MTO. Once you get the all clear from a medical professional, you simply notify the MTO who should reinstate your licence relatively quickly. There shouldnt be any fee for the reinstatement since it was a medical suspension.

Heres a FAQ page for medical suspensions: ... /faq.shtml

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