Going the wrong way on a one-way road - Highway Traffic Act section 153
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Wrong Way On A One Way Road To Complete A Turn

by: tkmfitch on

Hello, I have a question for the group that I hope you can help me with.

I live on a road that comes to a "T" intersection with a one way road. As you approach the "T", the one way road direction is from right to left (meaning that only a left turn is allowed). However, about 5 metres along the RIGHT side of the one way street (down the "wrong way") there is another "T" with the 2 way street continuing to the left. If you imagine a normal "cross" intersection but with the top part moved slightly to the right you will get what I am talking about.

My question is this: "Is is allowed to turn RIGHT (wrong way) and drive the 5 metres down the one way street in the wrong direction in order to then turn LEFT and continue on the 2 way street?"

Common sense tells you "NO", but I swear when I took my driver's license test 30 years ago in Leamington, they had exactly this situation as part of their standard test route and they used to ask the drivers to "drive the wrong way down the one way street in order to complete the turn."

Unfortunately, I have searched the web and I can't find anything supporting my memory.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can show me in the traffic act where the case above is allowed or disallowed.

30 years is a long time so maybe it was possible the rules have changed since then?

Thanks for your help!


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by: bobajob on

I would say no,

so the question is, if driving the 5 metres down a one way street what happens if you meet traffic coming the other way?

OR if you hit said vehicle

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by: lord_Relish on

The other thing to think about with road design is this:

If they wanted cars to access this second street from the street you were coming from, they would not make the connection one-way, or they would not have the intersection staggered by the 5 meters.

Quite often (at least where I live) a one-way designation is often used to achieve exactly this outcome of traffic management. It forces people to access roads via an alternate route.

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