Going the wrong way on a one-way road - Highway Traffic Act section 153
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Turned Into A One Way Road - (wrong Way)

by: popo on

I turned to right into a one way road from a small road, and then got a ticket. The situation is that there no "Do not trun right" sign at the intersection and no one way sign can be seen from my driving direction (they can be seen from my opposite direction). I've been caught almost immediately because there was a officer prapared trun into same road just from my opposite direction (bad luck). Actually, I waited for about 30 sec to let he trun first, but I think he just waited me to make mistake cause I turned on the right trun signal light! :(

I took several pictures to show there are no any sign that can be seen from my driction to show this is a one way road, but there is a white dash line to seprate the road.

Any body has some suggestions for me to win this case? Thanks!

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by: racer on

Argue that the road is not clearly marked as being one-way, and you do not know the area well (probably true). If there is no sign telling that the road is a one-way street, then how can you know that it is?

You took pictures. Very good. Make sure that they have a date-stamp on them to prove that there were no signs telling you that the road is a one-way on that day.

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