Use Of 'centre' Lane

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by: Squishy on

I've pretty much given up on following lane etiquette on the 401 collectors. Keep right and soon enough you find yourself exiting the highway. :shock:

If I need to be on the collectors for a few more exits, I'm afraid to say I stick to the centre lane. However, I do keep up with traffic. If there's no traffic in front of me, then it's faster than the right lane, slower than the left lane. Usually works out okay, but I still feel a tinge of guilt.

The express lanes are better, but those fourth lanes always end and then reappear. Not being from the area, I view those lanes with mistrust. I move over, then the lane wants to end, and no one wants to let me back in because I have cruise set to 100.

It would be nice to have actual "traffic cars" (not unmarked crown vic, impala with antennas sticking up). Ones that resemble every day citizen vehicles to combat this. To the most part it is nearly impossible to combat these types of things with a full marked car. People see the cruiser and start to drive like "angels", soon as they are out of comes the :twisted: again!!

I remember driving a "traffic car" about 6 yrs was amazing, follow too close tickets every shift, got passed on the paved shoulder, etc...

Banning vehicles towing any trailers from the left lane would also help.

How well does video evidence hold up in court? I've thought about this, too. My "solution" was to allow HSD officers to volunteer to fit their personal vehicles with a dashcam like Bookm has. Fit the cam with an easy to reach switch, and off-duty officers can click on the cam when they run into really bad driving.

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by: tdrive2 on

Thats the big problem with lane etiquette.

it happens all the time people get mad cause other drivers wont move to the right. They see the 2 left most lanes clogged. They lose their patience and start to not care. So they'll just pass on the right and race through other cars or cut others off to get around the moving road blocks.

This is the most dangerous thing i see on the highway and it happens all the time.

Other countries take this as a huge offense. I remember hearing this is one of the worst tickets to get on the Autobhan. That whole system works because people respect lane etiquette. Here we could only dream of that.

The 401 has pathetic lane discipline. it may be different where hwybear is where it is 2 lanes. But from London to Montreal where its 3 lanes mostly and concrete knows what i am talking about.

Another thing people don't realize if your in another lane particularly the centre lane and lets say you want to pass a big rig. They never check to see that someone else is going way faster coming up behind them in the left lane. Its down right dangerous. They should wait for the faster car to pass.

So what happens i see it all the time. The guy buts right infront of the guy going faster in the left lane to pass a truck. he goes 1 km/hr faster than the truck does and the guy behind him is going crazy tailgating him cause he wont move out of the way.

The GTA has really bad lane discipline, along with people changing lanes at the last second makes all this even worse. No one will ever drive in the right lane even when its wide open. Why i don't know. The 401 is a mess throughout most of the GTA. All the potholes in the road force people to act like its a downhill slalom and weave around the massive chunks of road missing.

It's not uncommon to see chunks of road as large as 12 inches and 1-3 inches deep missing. Another thing is those stupid ending right lanes then everyone is trying to switch lanes at the last second and everyone has to slam on their brake lights. Then you have people entering the highway going 60 km/hr and some nut bar trying to go 150 in the right lane to get around moving road block in the left most lane.

It makes it worse because people give up on driving here. It just turns into an everyman for yourself thing. People see the road as unjust and don't care then they just do anything. Along with this people have gottena lot more aggressive in the GTA. There is alot of people that want to drive faster and in a hurry. Go try to do 120 in the left lane now in the GTA you can't. It is just a matter of seconds before you have a line that all wants to pass you. People just wait to get behind one speeder and they form a little line and think they all wont get caught if they all do it.

The 401 in the GTA is a mess. There is alot more aggressive transports lately to. They get really annoyed sometimes in traffic and will get right up behind other cars.

Even worse are those coach buses that go in the left lane trying to pass a transport at 2km/hr faster. People get really annoyed at that, that's when you'll see some passing on the right and following to close.

I bet if you put camera's on the 401 from Milton to Ajax in rush hour you could ticket over 70 % of the cars for following to close.

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by: gesuli on

I specifically remember in Driver's Ed that we were told to drive in the middle lane (except obvious exceptions like getting ready exit, etc), since it's the "safest", in that if there is an obstacle, you have 2 potential escape routes, as opposed to one.

Assuming we weren't speeding and not breaking any other laws other than 154b, and we somehow got ticketed, I wonder if we could sue the Driving school?

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