Unique situation re: fighting traffic ticket

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Unique situation re: fighting traffic ticket

by: ddeluci on
Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:14 pm

I received a speeding ticket 2 days ago, and am still deliberating over whether to pay it or not. The thing is that I was ticketed in a company vehicle, and do not personally own a vehicle or have insurance myself. Furthermore, I will be attending school for 3 more years, during which time I have no plans for purchasing a car, although I may need to after I leave school to pursue work.

If I pay my ticket now, in 3 years it will be invisible to insurance companies and should not affect my rates. If I choose to fight it, however, it could take over a year to work itself through the court system and losing would push back the date the ticket comes off the abstract for insurance companies to see. Furthermore, my ticket was 79 in a 50, while the officer reduced it from 81 (which would be an ever more serious offense).

Am I right in thinking it would be better just to take the safe road, try to negotiate down the price in Option 2 and get it over with so my record will be clean if I do decide to purchase a vehicle after I am done school in 3 years? Or is Option 3 still a viable choice for me?
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