Two Tickets For Same Offence Of Expired Sticker?

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Charles F
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Two Tickets For Same Offence Of Expired Sticker?

by: Charles F on

Two days ago, I was handed two tickets for expired sticker on my permit by the same police:

7(1)(a) Driver motor vehicle, no currently validated permit - $110

7(1)(c)(i) Drive motor vehicle, no validation on plate - $110

I forgot to renew the permit, so I didn't have the proper sticker on my plate or permit. I just think it is unfair to issue two tickets under the same regulation.

I looked around in this forum, and I didn't see anyone having this experience. Any thoughts?

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by: bend on

The wording changed in the last couple years on permit validation. It leaves it up to interpretation on whether or not affixing a sticker to the back of the permit is a requirement or just a suggestion.

However, you probably don't need to go down that rabbit hole. If you request an early resolution, they probably wouldn't pursue both charges anyways for the same reasons you've pointed out.

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