Temp Plates For A Trailer? Help?

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Temp Plates For A Trailer? Help?

by: GioDG on

So I'm buying a used trailer off of family, I don't believe it has an ownership as it is coming from an old trailer park and I am unsure if it was purchased in country nor in province. I see I can register it for $72 but the dilemma is that I am planning to register it as a self-built trailer later as it is going to receive a complete overhaul, it is essentially scrap except for the frame to me. Using it to build a tiny house on.

So I guess to the questions, is there a temp plate for trailers that I can use? Its a camper trailer so do service permits work for this situation? Since I have no ownership, only a bill of sale from the family member it was left to, is there any hoops I will have to jump through?

The trailer is safe to haul, it essentially is a good trailer that I just want the frame from so it isn't unsafe to haul, I just don't want to have to register it multiple times under different categories.

Any thoughts?

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by: Nanuk on

Interesting question... you only need to register a trailer once so I don't see why you could register it once and be done with it. I don't believe trailers need temp stickers as theres no safety inspection before registering the trailer. Also I believe what your describing is going to be a camper trailer so annual inspections wouldn't apply.

If your homemade trailer weighs more than 900 kg empty:

You can weigh your trailer at any Ministry of Transportation Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. Look for the green-and-white sign along highways. There are more than 12,000 stations across Ontario.

Once you confirm the trailers weight exceeds 900kg, bring the following documents to the ServiceOntario centre:

a weight slip, the document proving the weight of the trailer when empty

weigh your trailer and get a weight slip at a:

grain scale


CAT (Caterpillar) scale

municipal dump (if equipped)

a signed letter stating ownership that includes the following details:

description of body type (e.g. dimensions, covering, number of axels, etc)

declaration that trailer is homemade

year trailer was built

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