Stolen Motorcycle Impounded- Refuse to release

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Stolen Motorcycle Impounded- Refuse to release

by: furcipher on
Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:57 pm

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has had success getting a tow yard to return a stolen vehicle without paying the towing and impound fees? I found this thread:
which pretty much outlines my dilemma. Apparently the bike was stolen some time around 5AM. At 5:30AM I got a call from the police station asking we if I knew where my vehicle was. I knew immediately that it had been stolen because a week and a half prior to this someone had stolen some stuff off the bike and found the spare key. I "reported" this to the police and they said there was little they could do. Since the bike isn't worth much (I paid $300) and I wasn't riding it so I didn't think much of it. The officer on the phone asked me if I could go to where the bike was. I agreed and started walking, as it was several blocks away. Before I got to the scene the office called my on the phone and said the cruiser would be coming to meet me.
When they arrived they immediately began questioning me about where I was all night, where are my house keys etc. I explained to them what had happened and they were less than convinced, but whoever stole it dumped it pretty bad and fled the scene without their keys and without a helmet. I had a record of my calling the police about the key the week earlier which probably saved me from being charged with something by Starsky and Hutch. They let me go and said it was possible I could be contacted further and if I wanted my vehicle it was at the tow yard.

tl;dr the police had my bike towed after it was stolen and totaled, they didn't catch they guy, the tow yard won't release my vehicle without(apparently it's scrap) paying the towing and impound fees, I don't have the money, literally, what can I do?
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