A sequence of events, i blame the dog... curious

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A sequence of events, i blame the dog... curious

by: ponyboyt on
Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:18 pm

So im heading west on a 2 lane, limit is 80. Its a road notorious for people doing 60-70. Its the main road that takes me out of town, usualy when i turn onto it i catch up with the next guy.

Anyhow im following this guy doing 70ish, driving directly into the sun (i think it was in the south-west, was late afternoon). Its pretty bright, slight visual impairment at least. Im keeping a safe distance. Its hard to see far up the other lane, but i do notice a very LONG line of cars in the oncoming lane. There is nothing in front of the guy whos in front of me. As we get closer to the oncoming line, i start to realise they are going kinda slow. I dont make much of it because this happens, lotta trucks around here, but im kind of paying closer attention.

All of a sudden the guy in front is FEET away from my front bumper, obviously he had hit the brakes, im staring at his tail lights but really i cant see any lights. So i hit the brakes as hes slowing down and he pulls to the right, i DO see his right signal and he looks like hes gona stop on the gravel shoulder. I give it a bit of gas to go past him, going around but still on my side of the road.

Im paying close attention to him as i go by, and i glance back ahead and the lead car in that oncoming pack LOOKS to be aiming directly at the guy who stopped. like hes slowly coming accross the line, i still dont realise whats going on, i let off the gas and start to shift to the shoulder thinking wtf this guy is gona hit me head on. All in a split second, this happens:

I see a PUG running down the middle of the oncoming lane, i realise its a police car following the pug, (a 12 inch tall dog...yeah..) and its not aiming for the guy who stopped, hes aiming for ME, i had to put a tire half on the shoulder to not hit him. He has about 50 cars behind him, all going as fast as... well... as fast as a 12 inch mush faced chubby dog can run. As i drive by the cruiser, i can see the umm.. officer.. hanging out the window waving his arm at me with a mean look on his face, he screams SLOW THE F**K DOWN at the exact time i scream TURN YOU GOD DAMN LIGHTS ON. So i uhh.. kinda put it to the floor and get back up to 80k, glancing in my mirror a few times. Before i got to 80k, he turned his lights on :shock:

Kinda wondering what'll happen if i run into that guy again.....
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