Riding season starting, watch out for people on 2 wheels!!!

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Riding season starting, watch out for people on 2 wheels!!!

by: FiReSTaRT on
Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:55 am

Every spring, as soon as people get out on two wheels, the roads turn into a bit of a slaughterhouse. Riders are still rusty and car drivers aren't used to seeing people on bicycles or motorcycles on the roads. Here are a few tips to make the roads safer:
1) Always perform both mirror and blind spot checks before turning, changing lanes or opening the doors. If you "don't have a blind spot," check over the shoulder anyway.
2) Look far ahead when making left turns. A huge number of serious motorcycle injuries and fatalities comes from careless drivers suddenly turning left in front of them.
3) The street-sweeping crews haven't been out yet so the pavement is still treacherous for anyone on 2 wheels. Keep an eye on them so you don't run over them if they wipe out.
4) Pay special attention to people on bicycles and on those electric scooters with non-functional pedals. They are more likely to disobey laws and pull sudden, dangerous maneuvers. While some may argue that you'd be doing the gene-pool a favour, would you really want someone's death on your hands?

Here's a site with great tips on being a safe vehicle operator http://www.roadawareness.org/
Be safe out there!
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