reference request for boxes on provincial ticket

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reference request for boxes on provincial ticket

Unread post by greeneharry on

Hey guys,

Looking for anyone who can help answer some questions regarding some f the boxes on the poa ticket i recieved.

Dos the witnsss box apply only to civillian witnessess and not.other police officers?

The motor vehicle involved box says n/n. Not sure what this means.

does anyone have a reference or link they can provide on an explaination of each part of the ticket? Ive been reading tthe poa act and cant find the appropriate section that explains each box.

Thanks if you're able to help

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Unread post by Stanton on

I'm not aware of any official guide or documentation regarding how the boxes on tickets are to be filled out. I believe many, such as the actual “code” box, are left up to the individual policing agency or prosecutor’s office.

Motor vehicle involved simply refers to whether a motor vehicle was involved in the offence. The default on tickets is a check box with an "N" beside it. If left unchecked, it means a motor vehicle was involved in the offence. If no motor vehicle was involved (i.e. offence committed on a bicycle) then the box should be checked. I believe this information is mainly used by the MTO to determine if demerit points are applied.

The witness box I believe is mainly just an FYI for the prosecutor. I was under the impression that if anyone other than the charging officer was involved, it should be checked. However different police agencies and/or municipalities may use it differently.

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