Random questions

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Random questions

by: DjDATZ on
Thu May 02, 2013 3:52 pm

Dash Cams

So about dash cams. I have one installed in my car, forward-facing and mounted right behind my mirror. (Obstructs maybe an extra 2-3% of my vision below the mirror, which isn't an area you use to really gain any useful information about your surroundings.) Also bought a second one to put in my back window to face backwards.

Are dash cams usable in court for evidence?
Can insurance use it to determine who was at fault in an accident? (Or more, to determine that you were not at fault?)

Car meets & cruises

1) If you're organizing a car cruise with a car club that will be travelling on public roads, is it mandatory to inform local police authorities? (I know it's a courtesy, just wondering if there's a legal requirement surrounding it.)
2) If you have a car meet in an an authorized location (property owner knows and is okay with it, or even co-orgnizing it), and someone leaves the premises, and gets into an accident, are the car meet organizers liable in any way for what happened? (Naturally, provided they weren't serving alcohol.) Or is it solely the driver's fault? (I'd assume it's the latter.)

Transporting alcohol
(Completely unrelated to the car meets question btw.)

1) What's the legal requirement for transporting alcoholic beverages in your car? I know it's common sense to have them secured so the bottles/cans don't bounce around and end up exploding in your car, but I'm wondering what the law says about transporting it. From what I've heard, and somewhat the reason I'm asking, to get clarification, is that it needs to be outside the cabin (in the trunk for example), and reasonably out of reach of the occupants of the vehicle. If it's inside the cabin it needs to be in a locked compartment.
2) If I'm not mistaken, failure to store in compliance with the laws that I'm asking about can actually earn you a DUI?
3)In a minivan, where the "trunk" is part of the cabin, how can alcohol be stored in that case? Is just putting it all the way in the back, behind 2 other rows of chairs sufficient to be considered out of reach of the patrons? (Again, I'm not sure what the law says exactly, so my terminology could be way off.)
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by: Stanton on
Thu May 02, 2013 4:37 pm

Dash cameras:
Yes, video evidence can be used in court, though there are certain requirements. I’d do a search of these forums for the guide to using photographic evidence. Should be a good start.

Car meets:
1) There is no requirement under the Highway Traffic Act, but depending on the municipality there may be bylaws associated with such meets.
2) Determining liability falls under the realm of civil law. It would be dependent on a variety of factors and doesn’t lend itself to a simple yes/no answer. I would certainly say it’s possible.

Transporting alcohol in motor vehicles is covered by the Liquor Licence Act.
1) The L.L.A. lays out the following requirements:
i) is in a container that is unopened and the seal unbroken; or
ii) is packed in baggage that is fastened closed or is not otherwise readily available to any person in the vehicle.
2) No. Having open alcohol in itself not a criminal offence. The only way you can be charged criminally is if you’re impaired by alcohol and/or over the legal limit.
3) Do everything you can to comply with the legal requirements. Make sure it’s sealed, in a bag or box that’s closed and as far away from any passengers as possible.

Failure to comply with these requirements grants police the authority to search your vehicle and its occupants.
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