"problem" Prosecutor

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"problem" Prosecutor

by: Marquisse on

I'm curious about this situation because I have a former instructor who, I've come to find out from relatives who are retired officers from various forces in Ontario and from old highschool classmates now in the industry as paralegals, is obnoxiously rude, disrespectful, and at times unprofessional to those pleading their tickets, including their representatives (raising her voice in the court, becoming unnecessarily adversarial before proceedings begin).

At times, I've been told, she acts as authoritarian as the Justice.

From what I've been taught (by her as well since she taught ethics and courtroom procedure) this is improper courtroom decorum. Is this par for the course in court? She is not a Crown but is a Provincial Prosecutor.

Is there a reprimand for such behavior? How does another professional acting for their client respond to such "almost" impossible behavior?

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