Paying a fine on Social Assistance

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Chimera Obscura
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Paying a fine on Social Assistance

Unread post by Chimera Obscura on

Ok, I have about $5000 in fines, I applied for an extension as I'm on social assistance...

My extension application was rejected... my licence was suspended...

So now I'm collecting $570 a month, pay $500 a month in rent and have no way to pay the fine... and without a licence, it's unlikely I'm going to get work... especially with my age (55) and the current economy...

So is there any alternatives to this? It was suggested I re-apply, but even so, I still need a $150 "reinstatment fee" to get my licence back... As it is, I have $5 to last me the rest of the month....

It's like traffic court is only for the rich...

Any suggestions....?

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Unread post by beleafer81 on

Wait a have $5000 in fines? How did this happen?

If they are moving violations I would guess you can't afford insurance as thats like 12 $400 speeding tickets. Let alone your licence would be suspended due to having too many dermit points.

So it makes more sence that you managed to get Parking fees or other non-moving violations. is this right?

Traffic court is not for the rich. Give your head a shake man! You could have taken these matters to court and asked for reduced fines, or a payment plan way before now. But at this point you only have yourself to blame for having racked up that many tickets. $5000? Thats insane. There is no excuse for that.

No sympathy here.

OPS Copper
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Unread post by OPS Copper on

One ticket=5000. driving with no insurance


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