40 over reduced to 15

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40 over reduced to 15

by: algroshaw on
Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:05 pm

I sped up to catch up to traffic going 120 in an 80 And this officer chose this particular 2 minute interval to drive by, turn around and give me a reduced ticket.

He was nice enough to reduce it without me asking, and I'd be happy to pay the ticket if not for my insurance.

I already have an at fault accident because a prick that ran me off the road drove away. So my insurance is going to be ridiculous because i am 20 and male in Toronto. They have already tried to remove my coverage but i convinced them not to. And other companies consider me uninsurable just because of the accident with no other infractions ( because i have less than 5yrs driving experience)

I don't know if i should fight it or not.

Worst case i pay the fine anyway. Unless somehow they can increase the charge to what he clocked me at.

I'm not sure how I'd fight it though. I imagine It would go something like this...
Officer: i clocked him at 120 and was nice enough to reduce it to 15 already.
Me: "but..." .... ....

Can anyone advise
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by: Decatur on
Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:59 pm

They can and will modify the charge back to the original speed if you choose to go to a trial. That doesn't preclude you from requesting a trial, getting disclosure and seeing what evidence there is. You can always just pay the fine anytime up to the start of the trial if you chose.
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