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I'm a big fan of Jim Kenzie. I went on Canada's Worst Driver (Season 2)expecting him to be a judge like on Season (1). I thought just the chats I would have with him would be worth the hammering I would take for my opinions on speed. Though there were a couple really good judges on Season (2), I was very disappointed that Mr. Kenzie was not one of them. He is a very opinionated driver and is not afraid to speak out against police tactics. Most folks don't have the guts to do that!

I was in traffic court two days ago and the lobby was packed with "victims". I mentioned to my stepson that out of all these people, I bet we're the only one's to go through with a trial. And I was right! Every single person pled down to a lesser charge, rather than stand up tall and defend themselves. Of course, that meant we had to wait until the very end, but were rewarded with a crushing victory over the under-prepared officer.

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