I need help. (Reposted from CAIA) 1 really bad ticket

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I need help. (Reposted from CAIA) 1 really bad ticket

by: lmrj0030 on
Sun May 22, 2011 12:33 am

driving with 1 working headlights
driving without licence present
driving without insurance

MY story is as follows

I was driving along lawrence when I turned my high beams on due to a stop light intersection to prevent glaring the drivers in the opposite street. That car turned out to be a police car that was across from me was a police car. He then turned and stopped me because one of my headlights wasn't working. I didnt turn my highbeams on because of 2 reasons. 1 is i'm less than 100M away from home and 2 it was 4:30am and i was the only vehicle on that road as far as my eyes could see from in front of my and from my review mirrors. This is first 3 tickets and have no clue what to do.

Ticker 1:
Upon arrival to my window he asked me for license, ownership and insurance and explained that he stopped me because one of my headlights wasn't working

Ticker 2:
I showed my ownership, but failed to find my G2 thus i showed my G1 and stated that this is what i have right now until i find my G2. I also stated that the stated address is my old address and that i have moved to location which is found under my ownership papers.

Ticket 3:
Driving without insurance. upon getting this ticket i then said how i can't handle this financially and asked the officer what i should do. He said to ''plead not guilty''. I then countered back stating why? and why not plead guilty with explanation?". he then replied back saying I cannot tell you what you to do. Just show up at court." and that was it.

So far i'm aware that the minimum fine is $5000 + the possiblity of jail time and license suspension?
My vechicle was last insured last summer but i stopped it due to the reason that i cannot haggle insurance + books + tuition. I dont really drive the car because it is uninsured. However the only times i've driven the car was once every 2 weeks to do groceries; however that does not matter since by law im not suppose to drive it anyways but just wanted to share some info.

Now my question are the following:
a. I know i'm guilty but is there anyway for them (JP or Crown? & what does JP mean) to lower the fine below $5000?
b. Ive read topics and others saying to plea guilty and talk to the Crown for a plea deal? How do i do this?
c. Some say to go to the court before the summon date and talk to someone in the court and try working out a financial arrangement?
d. Is there anyway i can extend my trial? So i can save up money to pay for the fines?
e. Could I do voluntary hours to try and lower my fine?
f. What is the % of me going to jail and getting my license suspended and for how many days?
g. should i get a lawyer / paralegal to aid me with this? however I read some topics where the paralegals just plea guilty without them helping at all.
I also asked the officer if i could go to court early and he said no, only go there at the date stated.

Im sorry if i'm asking too many questions but i'm a student who's just grinding my way financially and any fine reduction would greatly help.
I have less than $500 in my bank w/ debt and it would be impossible to attain $5000 + the other ticket offences by my summon date - which is in the first week of August (about 70 days)

Your help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you,
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by: Radar Identified on
Sun May 22, 2011 10:42 am

Please keep to one thread for the same offence. Multiple threads for the same subject in different areas causes all sorts of confusion and makes it harder for people to help you. Thread locked.
* The above is NOT legal advice. By acting on anything I have said, you assume responsibility for any outcome and consequences. *
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