Legality Of Mohawks On Helmets

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by: hwybear on

That could go either way....I don't know.

If it still is smooth with the surface, can not forsee a problem...Not like it is a mohawk thing where should you fall off and slide, the hawk part could get caught in a road drain and snap your neck....but by then you are already "up the creek"

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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by: FiReSTaRT on

Thanks Bear. In that case, I'll probably risk the legal consequences in the interest of better night-time visibility. It will be placed at the lower part of the helmet, in a no-impact area. It's also a bit flatter. The way I figure, it will appear stock to an uneducated constable and as a smart safety feature to an educated constable, so the heat factor should be fairly low.

Speaking of going overboard with my idea.... ... elmet.aspx
Patented LED light is incorporated into the rear vent, unobtrusive design is easy to use with different light settings
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