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Flashing A Police For Cutting Me Off. Got A Ticket.

by: Ramzi on

The other day I was driving down a street in my neighborhood.

I saw a cop with no lights on pulling out of a street perpendicular to me so I checked my speed and was doing Exactly 50 in a 40 and continued on as It was 11pm at night.

The cop pulls out infront of me which required for me to press on my brakes so I gave her a quick double flash instead of honking.

I thought nothing of it and continued to drive for about another KM or so.

I then look in my rear view to see her speedup and get extremely close to my rear bumper and turn on her light.

She pulls me over and says I was flying down that street so she pulled in front of me.

I told her I wasnt "speeding" what so ever trying to be very cooperative but she kept on giving me attitude.

In the end I got a ticket for

- Failure to use lower beam

- Oncomming

which costed me $110.

Is this even illegal.

I felt as if she was looking to give someone a ticket then.

I plan on fighting it any advice?


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by: Ramzi on

argyll wrote:Your post isn't very clear. Did the cruiser pull in front of you ? Then how did it appear behind you ?

Oops you're right.

I was going down a street, the cop made a left turn from the street that was perpendicular to me, she was coming out on my right side.

I guess she then made a uturn afterwards since we were going in opposite directions after she pulled out of that road.

Hopefully thats more clear.

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by: FyreStorm on

There is no duty to any motorist to not pull out in front of you...cooperative driving techniques and training will say there's nothing wrong with this...a driver pulling in front of you has no duty to your progress but to do so in a safe manner, I've read nothing that this was a dangerous maneuver and that it required to emergency brake to prevent a collision. Using your high beams to 'send a message' is not their lawful or intended purpose. Similarly the use of your horn to berate is not lawful, it's a signaling device to advise other road occupants of danger or your presence,,,not a punishment tool.

It would seem to me that you got the right ticket.

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