"fail To Sign Ownership In Ink"

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"fail To Sign Ownership In Ink"

by: Rcourts on

I recently got pulled over. I own a shop and have a service plate, and was using it on a customer's car. when i asked the officer why i was pulled over, the reason i was given was "because you have a service plate". when he asked for my license, insurance and registration i handed him the ownership to the service plate, my insurance, my license, and the ownership to the car. the car's plate portion was completely empty, as the car was unplated, and was not signed. on the part where you sign, it says " This PLATE portion must be signed by the owner to be valid". it specifically says plate portion. what i am assuming is, because the plate portion was completely empty, it was just a blank piece of paper and held no legal bearing, and therefore did not need to be signed as it was not actually a vehicle permit. do i have a valid argument or should i just plead guilty?

also, i have to rant, i am so friggin frustrated with this, i at no point exceeded the posted speed limit, i religiously respect all road laws, coming to full stops and using my signals, etc. this officer stalked me for about 10 minutes, he did not use his signal once, he was clearly driving while distracted as he veered out of his lane multiple times, he blew stop signs, even cut someone off and was honked at. i gave him my service plate ownership in one piece and he returned it in 6 different pieces all in a mess... and to say i was pulled over for having a service plate.... WTF? isint this harassment? i am outraged that a legal permit which i pay taxes for is probable cause for pulling me over. when i called the niagara regional police i was hung up on when i said i would like to make a complaint.. i am so dissapointed in this agency...........

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