Dumb girl damaged my car and wants to repay in installments

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Re: Dumb girl damaged my car and wants to repay in installme

by: andrew94 on
Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:15 pm

argyll wrote:So therefore I say again: you tried to scam her out of over $8,000 by getting her to repair things that were already damaged.

You've gone from wanting $9,000, to wanting $1,000 to not wanting anything to being willing to pay her in the space of this thread.

At this point I think you cut your losses and just go your separate ways.
That is because I genuinely thought she owned me that and learned things along the way and did not know of the 1000 rule and nor did she. I'm asking this stuff so I can do what is right.

She is very nice and corporative with me on the phone. I will find out about the fault stuff for sure and let her know that insurances might find me at fault as she initially thought. I have already told her there was previous damage and sent the photos. If I owe her money as she initially demanded I will definitely pay. I have enough funds and its not a problem for me.

And I feel bad for calling her a dumb driver now. I did provide clear information and agreed that she did join the lane and stop a little bit later. Its not to hard to meet her as we live in the same apartment building and go to the same university. Believe me I have no intention of scamming I want to do the right thing legally and neither of us want to report it. I did think there was a loophole in which of two accidents damage the same area the last claim fixes the whole thing.

If I'm at fault truely then she deserves to get the funds for her vehicle from me which won't be much anyway by what I saw and her vehicle is old.

I still don't know how it works with 2 accidents in the same place. Like since it was already damaged only the headlamp and a metal part which were intact got damaged and the other parts were already damaged but deformed more. Had my car been perfect those other parts would be damaged in this accident only. If this passed through insurance would they fix just the headlamp if they knew of the previous damage?
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by: Stanton on
Wed Jul 09, 2014 6:37 pm

andrew94 wrote:If she pays $1000 or less it does not need to be reported
That's completely incorrect. It's not how much you decide to spend on repairs that determines if it's reportable, it's how much apparent damage there is. If the total damage (that means both vehicles combined) is $1,000 or more it MUST be reported by law. The damage to your vehicle alone makes it reportable, plus whatever damage occurred to her car.
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