Driving Motor Vehicle with Open Container of Liquor Ticket.

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Driving Motor Vehicle with Open Container of Liquor Ticket.

by: wfrank on
Wed May 06, 2015 5:42 pm

Hey everyone,

So just the other night I was pulled over for a broken Headlight that occurred earlier this week. I explained it to the officer who seemed understanding and was asked to produce License/Owner/Insurance. He asked me some basic information, which I presumed was to see if I drank that night, which I didn't.

I proceeded to reach for the documents in the glove compartment, and once I opened it the officer noticed a half empty bottle of Gin that I forgot to take out of the car the prior week after coming home from a house party. He then proceeded to do a search of the car explaining it was protocol since there was open liquor in the car which I complied to.

In the end, he wrote me a ticket for Driving Motor Vehicle with Open Container of Liquor, I didn't even know such a law existed. The thing is I don't recall locking the glove compartment in this instance, which might have been my downfall after researching more about the law.

A couple questions I have are:

1) Does the glove compartment have to completely locked and secured for the law?
2) I'm not worried too much about the fine itself, but will have any implications on my Insurance Rate and/or driver's record?
3) Slightly more general of a question, but if I was to request an Early Resolution w/ request for disclosure, will I be given a chance to make my case in front of the prosecutor (i.e. I thought keeping it in a glove compartment was far away from the driver)? Or just given a take it or leave it deal.

Thanks for taking your time to go through this, much appreciated.

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