Is A Boat Classified As An Rv And Exempt From Gross Vehicle Weight?

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Is A Boat Classified As An Rv And Exempt From Gross Vehicle Weight?

by: Loggerman1968 on

I have searched online for answers to my questions but unfortunately have been unsuccessful. Everything is very confusing for the average person and I am hoping that I can get some help.

I drive a 2019 Chevrolet 1500 with a registered weight of 2393kg. It also has a yellow inspection sticker. The truck is registered in a incorporated business name and does not have the red personal use sticker on the license plate.

I occasionally pickup and deliver for a boat company and constantly have disputes with the owner.

I'm being told that boats are exempt from calculating my gross vehicle weight and I would like some information regarding this.

I regularly tow 18-22ft pontoon boats that weigh between 1500-3000lbs on trailers that have a registered weight that is often under the weight of the boats. The company owner argues that because boats are weight exempt, I am never overweight and not subject to any fines. He doesn't want to get a CVOR because pre trip inspections and log books are a hassle for him.

It is also argued that because he is purchasing the boats (In his company name and for resale) that the boats are his and considered personal, therefore exempt from commercial vehicle rules. When I pick up a unit that comes with a trailer, I put a dealer license plate on the trailer.

Several of these boats are also very rear heavy because of the outboard motors and my tow vehicle rarely has any tongue weight. Are there any laws for safe towing?

On a few occasions I have stopped at scales to verify the weights. If I do get pulled over and fined, does the driver receive the fines or does the vehicle owner?

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