Are Cops Encouraged To Park On Private Property ?

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Are Cops Encouraged To Park On Private Property ?

by: ticket123 on

Are cops encouraged to use private properties to sit and watch from in their cars, for example in gas stations, fast food restaurant parking lots, etc...

Or should they not use private properties without permission. According to their policies should they conduct HTA scouting from city properties only ?

Just curious because you really see cops stuffed into any nook these days awaiting their prey, with radar traps etc...

Local business customers may avoid their business for fear something may be found wrong with their driving or vehicle.

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by: Radar Identified on

Police may use private property if conducting traffic surveillance, but the property owner does have the right to ask them to leave.

In some cases, people may avoid the business. In other cases, the business and/or residents have asked police to set up there because they have complained about people driving too fast, etc.

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