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Is It Mandatory To Report A Hit And Run To Police?

by: n4vsvnstei on

I had a friend involved in an accident. I was just wondering in Ontario:

1) Is it mandatory/law to report a hit and run accident? What are the specifics around this?

2) If more than one vehicles are involved, for example a three car accident, vehicle (a) was not aware of vehicle (c), and vehicle (b) claims hit and run caused accident but vehicle (c) is the hit and run that took off... Given vehicle (a) is unaware, is vehicle (b) required to make vehicle (a) aware on scene and call 911/OPP to the scene due to the 'hit and run'?

Obviously if I was involved and I was made aware of the hit and run I would call 911 or local dispatch number to report it immediately... But not everyone thinks like me.
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by: highwaystar on

I think it would be extremely foolish NOT to report the accident. After all, a crime may have been committed. Many people think that only the HTA offence of "Fail to Remain or Stop" applies, but there's also a criminal offence called "Failure to stop after accident" (section 320(16) of the Criminal Code) that can often apply.

Regardless, if there were ANY injuries, public property damage or the total cost of ALL damages was over $2000, you have a duty to report the collision. It doesn't take much to hit that $2000 threshold nowadays! Otherwise, you can get charged with "Fail to report accident" (section 199(1)). Given that 3 vehicles were involved its quite possible that threshold was met.

In any event, I think the prudent thing to do is to report, since insurers are going to want to investigate who is at fault. It will certainly help them, especially if the hit/run individual is eventually caught.

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