Rear Ended Someone Months Ago (did not report to Insurance)

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Rear Ended Someone Months Ago (did not report to Insurance)

by: z651144 on
Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:36 pm

I recently rear ended another car on the 401 and exchanged insurance information with the driver but the damage was so minor (a scrape on both our cars) that the other driver didn't have time to deal with it and just wanted to get to work. He wanted my insurance information so I gave him a copy of my pink insurance slip. I didn't report the accident to my insurance company and completely forgot about it. Now, several months later, I received a voice message from the insurance company telling me to call them as the other driver has filed a claim.

I am not sure what to do in this case as I failed to report the accident to insurance and am afraid that they will be able to make me pay for the other car's repairs myself and raise my rates. If we both waited four months to make a claim isn't it impossible to verify that the damage done was by that accident (anything could have happened to his car between now and then).

So my question is: What do I tell my insurance company? Should I tell them that I was involved (the other driver does have the insurance slip after all) but I don't remember the details because it was so long ago. Or should I admit fault (I hit the other driver) and tell them that the damage was minor (a scrape on the bumper)?
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by: Radar Identified on
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Tell your insurance company the truth as best you can recall. Just answer their questions, and tell them that you didn't file a claim because you didn't have much damage to your vehicle so didn't want it repaired.

They won't make you pay for the other car's repairs yourself. However, they could raise your rates.
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