Court Result From Ftc Charge By Aircraft

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Court Result From Ftc Charge By Aircraft

by: anjs1224 on

This is to let anyone know that if you are tickted for following too close by aircraft fight the charge. For my case, speed was never an issue only the observation from the aircraft to the ground unit to stop me for FTC. If you look at the last post from me anjs1224, you can read my story to see what happened. But story gets even better. When I received my court date letter I immediatly ask for disclosure. 2 weeks before my court date no disclosure yet, so I contact the court office where I dropped off the discloure. The response I got from them was "well we gave it to officer for his stuff, call us back in a week." So a week goes by and I call again, Spoke to a different person who passed me on to another person that was not very nice and her response was "you'll get it whenever". Ok, I go to court last week to fight my charge and and I see the court officer to try and speak to the prosecutor to explain that I have yet to receive disclosure and I had asked 3 times for it. His response was "you'll probably get it today". So I wait for all the court proceedings to get going and then they start to read off the names for today's cases. When they got to my name I got up went to the front and told the JP that I would like to speak to the prosecutor at recess. She in turn had the court clerk read out my name and charge ,I plead not quilty, turned around to go back to my seat but as I was doing the prosecutor stood up and said "due to lack of evidence charge is withdrawn" So what happened did the court officer speak to the prosecutor at some point about my case to get it over with or did the officers (ground unit and aircraft observer) not show up??????.

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