Failing To Yield From A Driveway

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Failing To Yield From A Driveway

by: NB1 on

I recently was involved in accident. I was pulling out of a driveway, left, onto the opposite lane. Traffic had stopped and the driver waved me out, I checked down that lane and the opposite, on coming lane. I continued and just ask I was entering the passing lane, the accident happened. The main drag was packed with cars and I believe the other vehicle was and from the force trying to just get past everyone in the passing lane since, they would were going to be in that lane to to turn left at the lights. I was given a $110 fine and 2 points. Any advice to fight this or other such information that is useful.

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by: Greatest Canadian on

You were issued a certificate and an offence notice.

The offence notice is completely invalid thus you cannot be convicted.

Read my "Even More Ontario Government Corruption" thread in the general section for more info.

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by: pvotrainer on

I don't knowwhat Canadian is talking about. You got a ticket, you pay or go to court. Explain what happened, cars stopped to let you through and one you didn't see (the one that didn't see you) hit you. Not much defense to this charge. Ensure all witnesses are there in court before agreeing to anything

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by: Traffic Law on

There are lots of defences to this scenario. In fact if other vehicles allowed you to enter the highway you have complied with the section. Immediacy is also a factor at the time of "entering" the highway. You have a good argument. Good luck.

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by: hwybear on

TOPIC is over a year OLD.....was a resurrection on a dead thread.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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