am I to blame?

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am I to blame?

by: mrschevy on
Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:59 pm

I was heading south, stopped at a green light in the intersection as I wanted to turn left(East) . There was a car in the opposite direction looking to turn west. I crept forward to see around the car as I crept forward there was a van coming northbound. I stopped. She jammed on her breaks. She slid approx. 15 feet into another vehicle that was facing westbound in the turning lane. If she was not speeding she would have been able to see that I wasnt going to pull out infront of her and that I had stopped. In my opinion there was plenty of room in her lane and she did not need to stomp on the breaks. She did not hit my vehicle but she hit a cops personal vehicle. She told the on duty officer she was only going approx 55 km/hr. I believe that is false as if she infact was going that speed she wouldn't have slid that far. I got charged for failing to yield. They did not take my statement - even I asked to make one - nor did they take one from the girl that was in my vehicle or the truck behind me. Is this right that they didnt even get a statement from me or that I am even the one that is getting charged?!?!
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