136 (1) (b) collision, ticket errors.

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136 (1) (b) collision, ticket errors.

by: unhappycamper on
Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:49 am

caused a collision under 136 1 b pulling out onto highway and caused a collision. sun was bright and the glare stopped me from seeing the one car coming and they ran into front end of mine. nobody was hurt, charged with failing to yeild to traffic 136 1 b.

The date(s) on the ticket are the right month and days, but the year is 12 instead of the correct 13. Also the license plate is missing a number completely.

is there any chance this could be enough error for dismissal or do i stand a better chance of going for a plea. The company I worked for canned me 3 days post accident and now wants my help and cooperation to fight it since it is going to cost them 5 cvor points, I am being very cautious about helping them because 1- I am not an employee anymore and 2- mainly because i was terminated right away and now they want my help.

anyways, any answers or insight into this dilemma would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
Passing Thru
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by: Passing Thru on
Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:21 pm

The ticket itself will be quashed during the filing process because it will be seem to be beyond the required 7 days for the officer to file based solely on the offence date. This however does not mean you are free and clear. The officer has 6 months to realize his/her error and reserve you. As for what you do for a company that fires you, that is a choice you have to make that best serves you. If they don't want the CVOR points perhaps that is worth it for them to float your bill for representation in court. It may be for their best interest but you might as well ride their coat tails because they can't really screw you in court, they want the same outcome as you.

Good luck,
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