Need Help Quick, Ticket Issued After Cop View Cctv Video Of Minor Accident

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Need Help Quick, Ticket Issued After Cop View Cctv Video Of Minor Accident

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My first time here. Had an accident. Cop came by later to hand me a ticket. He said after viewing video it was his opinion that i failed to yield to amber light even though i had right of way. When i decided to challenge this ticket there was over a year wait before court. Video is the only evidence. It was not provided in disclosure. I made a formal request 4 months before trial, nothing. i called 1 week before trial. i requested a typed copy of officers notes because the photo copy i was given was illegible and the video. Instead I was sent a official police statement but no video. I was sure this would get tossed since they failed to provide evidence. To my surprise the prosecutor claimed video was very hard to obtain since it was privately owned by a hotel. This came as a shock to me since i was under the impression this was a traffic cam. At this point they allowed the other driver to join our zoom call as she was charged with same ticket and also had reference to video. Turns out the cop showed her the video on his phone that night when he gave her the ticket. (I was never shown video) The judge made us wait while she attempted to have the video secured. After an hours wait the video was produced but the software to view it was not available or secure enough to view via Zoom so it could not be viewed. Instead the judge remanded the caswe to May 14 and since its so expensive to have all the information redatcted from the video I am only entitled to view it at his office via Zoom.

This issue is seriously causing me anxiety. To most its a nothing charge and 180$ ticket. I cant afford the 180$ let alone what it will do to my insurance. Is this video evidence even legal?

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