Sec 182 (2) - Disobey Sign (prohibted Turn)

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Sec 182 (2) - Disobey Sign (prohibted Turn)

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Hi all:

I read through a lot of the posts here, similarly.. today, i got pulled over by making a left turn at an intersection during prohibited hours. I did not see the signs so I was totally stumped when the officer pulled me over. It's my first ticket ever.

But here's the real question and unlike others.. I drove back to the incident intersection a few hours later (and check my dash cam), there is a "keep right of traffic island sign" that was about 2-3 car lengths in front of the prohibited left turn sign that obscured me from seeing it (at least 70%). I was like "NO WONDER I COULDN'T SEE THE SIGN".

There is no sign right below the traffic light as the prohibited turn sign was located on the island to the left of me, however there are 2 other of these prohibited turn signs on the other side of the road (on top of the traffic lights to the right lane and on the right side of the right turning lane)..

So.. question is...

1) do i have an argument in my case, given the sign was very obstructed by another sign. .. even tho there are 2 other signs there (but they are all the way to the right lane side and why would you look there if you are turning left)?

Primarily, i know it's too early, as lot of things can happen, but wondering if i should just guilty plea with the prosecutor since it's clear I turned left at prohibited times (without knowing!!!!), or do I have a strong enough argument above that I should give it a shot at trial?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Sec 182 (2) - Disobey Sign (prohibted Turn)

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This is a subject that gets brought up quite frequently on these forums.

That situation being, multiple signs saying the same thing and an issue with one particular sign.

In problem areas, it's not uncommon for a municipality to put up multiple signs warning of the same thing. In most cases, one or more of those signs might not even be properly placed. If that's the case, consider it a courtesy on top of all the other signs.

You can double check this, but there shouldn't be any requirement for a grounded sign to be placed anywhere left of the roadway (the sign in question).

In an intersection with signals, they're required to be mounted with the lights at a minimum height (there was one). A grounded sign to the right may also be placed (it was), but I'm not positive it's a requirement with the other.

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