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Huge Mistake ... Paranoid Now!!

by: bumbo on

Hello, so i was using my cousins car for an appointment, and on the way home i came up a little hill and a school bus was stopped, I stopped, but not the full 20meters back (two lanes). It was a stupid mistake, because I was actually watching the kids cross the road...they were just getting across when i realized i was being an idiot and not stopping despite the fact the bus was still stopped with his stop sign out.

I know the driver had time to get the plate written down, as i didn't flee or anything. There was no cop, and we both went on our way. Now im paranoid that the driver got the plate number and is going to do report it. How often does this happen? is it likely that it will happen? I mean I stopped well before the actual sign, but I was right at the tail end of the bus (in the lane next to it). Shcould I be really paranoid? Would i actually get a 2000fine and 6 points all based on the drivers word?

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by: FiReSTaRT on

Chances are you'll be fine. You obviously intended to stop and did stop. Had you blown by the bus, chances are he would have taken the trouble to write down your plates.

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