Possible failure to report - Statute of Limitations?

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Possible failure to report - Statute of Limitations?

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In March of 2011 I backed into my neighbour's parked vehicle in our apartment building parking lot. At the time we looked at our vehicles, decided there probably wasn't much damage and I would just pay for the damage, without going through insurance. We both figured the damage would be under the $1000 mark. We took pictures of the damage and such as well. I got a quote on mine and it was $600 so I got my car fixed. My neighbour waited until now (a year and half later) to get any quotes on hers. The quote she got is saying it would be nearly $8000 to repair.

This seems excessive for a dent in the rear driver's side door.

So my questions are:
a) Can I get nailed for failure to report when I thought the damage was under the $1000 mark because she didn't bother to get a quote for a year and a half?
b) Is there a statute of limitations on how long she can come after me for this? I know if there's an injury involved it is 2 years, but what if there's no injury, just property damage?

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