Failure to Furnition Information/Report Accident

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Failure to Furnition Information/Report Accident

by: LDC on
Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:28 pm

Yesterday, my mom apparently bumped a car on her way out of a parking space. Now, I realize I was not there and things could have gone differently than mom remembers or is saying; however, for the sake of argument, let's assume what I tell you here is what actually happened. She says that she barely nudged the car, certainly not hard enough to do any damage. The driver was not there, she did not see any damage and had not hit it with any velocity so she went on her way.

When she got home there was a message on her machine from the police. She called them back and they asked her to come in this morning so they could examine her car. Of course she said she would be in first thing.

Now, her car has a few dents and scrapes from earlier accidents - she was side-swiped in a parking lot and there is a smudge on her bumper from someone nudging her. These have been there for a long time - certainly, long enough for myself and others to have seen them well in advance of this supposed event yesterday. So, there are witnesses to this. I examined her car last night and there are no new dents or scrapes.

When she went in, the cop was really rude to mom, snorting to a co-worker that she couldnt believe mom was denying it. Unprofessional, IMO - anyway, that is beside the point. The cop said she could tell the side-swipe was old but that she couldnt tell how old the smudge was. She very obviously implied that mom was lying. Mom did not deny that she had bumped the car - just that it was hard enough to do any damage and that it was in a different parking lot than the witness (who apparently tried to flag her down and then waited for the car owner to return) was saying. So the cop accused her of hitting two cars in two different parking lots and then fleeing the scene. Mom says she looked for someone in the area of the vehicle but saw no one and that she stopped to let pedestrians cross at the end of the row so she cant understand how they think she was making a hasty escape.

Anyway, she has been issued a yellow ticket-like paper that says she is charged with Failure to Furnish Information or Report Accident. There is no monetary fee on it and no mention of one at all all. It says she has to appear in court in mid-August. She is to request the disclosure after three weeks.

My questions... she didnt leave any contact information so she is guilty there; however (if she is to be believed) there certainly could not be $1000 or more worth of damage to this vehicle...
- what happens now
- should she get a lawyer
- how much will the fine be or will she be required to pay for the repairs
- should she inform her insurance
- will there be demerit points removed
- will there be jail time -- surely not!

I should mention that she has never been in another accident (that was her fault) and I think she has only ever had one speeding ticket in her entire life. So I am inclined to believe her - even if she wasnt my mom.

any thoughts - recommendations

thank you so much
(my question mark has turned french on me so please excuse the lack of punctuation)
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