Disobeying Officer When Speeding

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Disobeying Officer When Speeding

by: jmm on

In this case, I was in fact speeding but that is not the part of the ticket I disagree with.

I was driving on the highway and there was a speed trap. What happened was, I looked to the side of the road as I passed the group of officers and I noticed a man off to the side signal to the road. Now, myself along with all the traffic around me were travelling above the speed limit and it was nearly impossible to tell which car this man wanted to stop. Not knowing if I was supposed to pull over, I did what the rest of traffic did - slowed to below the speed limit and carried on carefully... I kept a watch in my rear view mirror as I saw the officer get into the car and start driving. A few moments later when I realized it was in fact my car he wanted to pull over I got over immediately.

Now, I know that it is an offense to not pull over immediately when you are asked to, but it was very unclear as to which car he signaled at. The officer seemed to believe I was "running away" or something... Obviously I was not considering I slowed down and soon after pulled over...

I am going to trial for this, admitting I was speeding but I truly do not believe I should be punished for the unclarity of the situation.

Is there any way that if I explain my point of view of the situation this charge would be dismissed?

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by: Stanton on

If you're planning on pleading guilty to the speeding charge anyways, I'd suggest a first attendance meeting with the Crown. They usually drop one charge in exchange for a plea to another, if you explain the circumstances I think you'd have a good chance of getting the one charge dropped.

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by: mnstrcck on

sheilmolson wrote:Surely your all charges will be diminished if you bring your lawyer with you to explain the police your side. It is not a doubt that the police always try to ask various questions regarding not to follow the traffic rule but if you have followed the rule then you can explain them and claim for your compensation regarding the case. There are two lawyers in Miami who are handling such type of cases as well as cases like personal injuries, D.U.I, medical malpractice etc. You can also contact them.

This sounds like an amazing idea sheilmolson. I would even suggest they get a lawyer from India, they're cheaper. Laws are the same everywhere so it's not an issue.


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by: tdottopcop on

"I know that it is an offense to not pull over immediately when you are asked to, but "

Boom. There you go. Whether it's clear, unclear, muddy, whatever, when instructions are made to pull over, PULL OVER and figure it out after. Otherwise- this happens.

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