Failing to obey a stop sign - Highway Traffic Act section 136(1).
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Trucker Need Help

by: aniel_roche on

I was driving a truck, when I started felling bad, I turn right in a way where truck were not allowed. Police (MTO) stop me and gave a fine (artc 182.2).

I just turn right because I needed to go washroom.

The police tall me that ticket no affect my CVOR. iS That true?

What should I do?

Please help

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by: ticketcombat on

The charge has two demerit points and I believe will affect your CVOR. You may be eligible for the bilingual argument defence depending on which city you were caught in (See my site, STEP 5-->Bilingual Argument for a detailed explanation).

You can also try the "medical emergency" angle but there better be a washroom where you were going. Or you couldn't stop on the street you were driving on, so you turned right to safely stop (something like that).

You need to provide more details. Also it sounds like English is not your first language. Make sure you request an interpretor when you request a trial.

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