First ticket ever - Red light failure to stop. Cop is wrong.

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First ticket ever - Red light failure to stop. Cop is wrong.

by: Sultan on
Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:44 pm

Hi. I received my first ticket yesterday. It was 'failure to stop at a red light.' I believe I should not have received this. I pulled out the shopping centre (4 way road) and started driving. As I started to increase speed the light turned yellow. The intersection is right beside the store. At this time I decided to pass the yellow because there was no car in sight except for two cars behind me (1 was a cop). My car passed the white lines when it was still yellow. I was in the middle of the intersection when it turned red. The cop pulled me over and handed me the ticket.

The cop was saying the light was red. But I'm certain it was still yellow when I entered the intersection. My brother and mom were in the car.

This is my first time getting a ticket so I was pretty startled. I'm getting stressed out now because of this. I don't know what to do and I'm very busy with university.

I just got a big discount on my insurance rate for a clean driving and the renewal is this month too. Please help. I don't want this to affect my insurance rate. I just turned 21 so I don't want this to increase my insurance. Help me. Thank you.

Should I contact xcopper? What should I do? thanks.

Exact details

When the light turned yellow I was going 50km and I passed the cross walk lines while it was still yellow. I decided to keep going instead of slam the brakes. About half way the light turned red. No cars in sight as it was almost 10 pm. Also some random car pulled up 5 minutes later and just stayed in front of my car. The cop kept asking if i knew them. I was like yes. I called them for back up. Just kidding. But seriously I don't know what that person was doing there.
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