Failure To Stop, Stop Sign, Police Car Camera

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Failure To Stop, Stop Sign, Police Car Camera

by: dantpm on

Charged with failure to stop at a stop sign.

The camera shows the car dip and continue, making a right-hand turn.

Errors on the ticket includes stating that the car is a marked car when it was a black unmarked car.

The video evidence logs the name of a different officer on the car camera.

Officer states that the car went through the intersection at 40km/hr after dipping.

I cleared the intersection because there was another driver waving me through. The other driver isn't on the police camera.

Is there anything here that would help?

Have you ever heard of anyone contesting video evidence successfully? I have seen videos that clearly show things stopped that are in fact moving (flying helicopter blades for example)?

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by: ShrekTek on

Even if you can get the video evidence thrown out, all they need is for the officer to testify that you did not stop completely.

If it is you saying you did stop and officer saying you did not stop, who do you think the JP will beleive? If you said the officer, then you guessed right.

So unless the officers notes are really bad, or the officer does not show up to court (very rare) these tickets are almost impossible to beat.

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