Failure to stop at red light

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Failure to stop at red light

by: fender101punk on
Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:24 am

Tonight I was out of town with my band driving to a friends house around 10:30PM. Don't know my way around the city so of course when my buddies in the vehicle infront of me turn left at an intersection, I'm trying not to lose them. Light turns amber as I'm about to turn and turns red just as I'm about to cross the white line. I didn't see that there was an officer waiting at that intersection, seen me run the light and pulled me over. Asked for my license and info and gave me a ticket. $325!

The roads were wet because it had just stopped snowing. Not sure if this would change anything though.

The officer told me he wasn't trying to give legal advice, but the best thing to do would be to go to this place (forget what it was called) and ask to set up a meeting with the crown. He said to explain that it was a mistake and that my record would be clean? Tried to ask questions but was still trying to deal with the 325 dollar ticket..

So basically, I'm looking for advice before I go home and tell my parents. I'm an 18 year old G licensed driver. Clean driving record until now. Was just about to buy my own vehicle, but seeing as how I now have a conviction and 3 demerit points, insurance rates will go up. I'm insured as a secondary driver with my parents.. curious to know how the rates will change. I don't really care about the $325 fine, it's just the insurance rates going up is what really makes me worried.

Never had to deal with any of this before so I'd just like some advice/info on the whole situation.

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by: Stanton on
Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:54 pm

Failure to stop at a red light is what's known as an absolute liability offence, meaning you can't really use slippery roads as an excuse.

The officer was probably suggesting you request a first attendance meeting with the Crown. The Crown will sometimes offer a lesser fine/charge (sometimes with no demerit points) if you agree to plead guilty. They won't simply withdraw the charge though if that's what you were counting on.

Contact your insurance provider to see how a conviction will affect your rates. Many companies will overlook your first minor conviction, especially if no collision was involved. There are no set rules though, it's completed dependent on your provider.
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