failure to stop 144(18.1) red light camera

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failure to stop 144(18.1) red light camera

by: showboatt on
Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:10 am

So I was driving to the golf course, on my way I was cut off by a person who proceeded into the lane beside me to stop and try to parallel park(pictured in the 1st photograph reversing), in this chaos I did not notice the light ahead had been the 2 pictures you can see I am already braking in the first picture and am stopped in the second picture...I never actually fully went throught the light, i was in a left hand/straight turn lane so the white line is slightly further back then the right lane which my rear bumper never actually passes....the fine is 325$ I planning to appeal it at least to get it lowered to a smaller fine just wanted to see what yous all thought of my situation...

got cut off
noticed light was red late
began braking pre intersection
stopped less the a car length into intersection
reversed behind line...

thoughts? thanks!
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by: aseeto on
Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:15 pm

Hello all,

I've just received the similar ticket in the mail from a red light camera.

If I pay the $325 now, since they can't prove who was driving, there are no demerit points.

If I go to court and plead guilty to reduce charges, would I be charged the demerit points?

Or will I have to be found not guilty to avoid the demerit points.

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