Failing to stop on a red light and speeding

Girl from Bolton
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Failing to stop on a red light and speeding

by: Girl from Bolton on
Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:07 am

Good morning,

I got two tickets for speeding and failing to stop on a red light. These are my first two tickets in 13 years of driving. It was one of those days :(

I was traveling to work during the pick hour on Thursday morning when at about 8.30 am I approached the intersection at Albion Vaughn and Hwy 50 in Bolton. I stopped in a left lane on a GREEN light to turn south on Hwy 50. There were three vehicles in front of me waiting. Two of them were moved into the intersection. Light changed from GREEN to YELLOW. Cars in front of me started to move and so did I. I was committed to a turn when the car in front of me hesitate and I ended up going through the intersection on a red light.

After completing my turn I moved over to the right lane and continued traveling SB on Hwy 50 at about 95 km/hr in a posted 80 km zone. I noticed police car following me with activated lights but no sound signals. I pulled over. Officer approached me and stated that he stopped me for failing to stop on a red light and speeding. Regarding the speeding he firstly said: "You were going at least 100 - 110 km/h." I didn't object. When he comes back he gives me two tickets: One for speeding indicated 120 km in posted 80 for $295 and another for failing to stop on a red light for $325.

I received my Disclosure about a week ago and my court date is scheduled in two weeks from today.

Question: What are my BEST options here? I don't want to go into trial. Its just so much pressure for me. I feel anxiety to deal with this. Can I negotiate it with Prosecutor? What do I say? My speeding ticket was unfair. But how do I dispute the red light? But for sure I wasn't going 120 km. Not even close :(

I would appreciate your advice!

PLEASE!! AND Thank you so much!
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