Failing to obey a stop sign - video recorded evidences

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Failing to obey a stop sign - video recorded evidences

by: fightingtickets on
Tue May 05, 2015 8:22 pm

I got a ticket last Sunday for not obey stop sign, when the cop stopped me, I said I remembered I did stop at the sign, he said he has everything video recorded. Then he asked me for car ownership, insurance and driver's license, and came back with a ticket.

This is my first time to get a ticket, I have a very good driver history over 10 more years. I decided to fight for it by selecting option 3 to request a trial. I have also read the information in My question is about the video evidences, will these video, and audio if any, be part of the disclosure? Does anyone have any experiences that the cop plays a video in the court as the evidence? If yes, any good ideas to fight for it? My court will be in 50 High Tech Rd, Richmond Hill.

One more thing for my case is, after I go back home and take a closed look at the ticket, I found the license plate number on the ticket is wrong, it is not the car I was driving, but it is my wife's car. I recalled when the cop asked me for ownership, I might give him my wife's one (because I have both on my car), the cop did not verify it with the actual car. I understand by reading that this mistake is not fatal and can be amended at the court. But if I choose default by doing nothing in 15 days, then the ticket will not be corrected at the court, will this license plate error become fatal and quash the case?
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by: ynotp on
Tue May 05, 2015 10:15 pm

This is one you would want to take to court showing a different car in the video.... until it shows a car being driven by you not stopping. But if the video doesn't capture you not stopping but shows a car different from the one on the ticket being driven by you then you would have a tremendous edge during the trial. The officers error in failing to notice the ownership you gave him was not for the vehicle you were driving makes you a more reliable witness. Done right you win.
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