Failing to obey sign 182(2)

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Failing to obey sign 182(2)

by: Alan42 on
Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:24 pm

I was east bound on Shepherd Ave W. in the centre lane following following a TTC bus that was in the curb lane. It was 5.00pm after dark. (The TTC bus completely obstructed my view of the No Left Turn sign between 4.00pm and 6.00pm Mon to Fri. on the south side of Shepherd).
The traffic started to backup and stop just before Hove St. A block of traffic was moving toward me in the west bound lanes and a TTC bus was in the west bound bus bay on the east side of Hove St. (Hove St. Runs north from Shepherd but no street runs south from Shepherd). The bus put on his left turn signal and slowly moved forward. I could see a large clear space behind the bus and the bus was about to enter into from the to the curb lane from the bay. I saw this as an opportunity to make a safe left so I put on my left turn signal and moved into the centre left turn lane, passed two stopped cars and made the left turn around the back of the bus as it accelerated into the curb lane. While making this turn I would have been watching carefully for pedestrians. (I thought making this turn would be much safer than turning in the heavy intersection at Bathurst or at Senlac both with on coming traffic).
Over a block up Hove St. There where two police cars. I was pulled over, told there was no left turn. I said I didn't know that and he responded that it has been in effect for about ten years. He went to his car and came back with a ticket.
I wondered how I could have missed the signs so I checked on Google Earth and there was the sign easily readable on the utility pole on the north west corner. I went back the next day and the sign that was so visible on Google Earth wasn't there. There was a new sign on the north east corner about 20 feet or more back from the curb line. There is no lighting on the sign. This sign would not have visible as I approached the intersection because of on coming traffic lights and blocked by the bus for the start of my turn.
There are only 2 signs. One on the north east corner and one on the south side of Shepherd. There are no advance warning signs.
Do I have a defense?
If I ask for disclosure can I ask for the date and reason for the change of sign location?
As we know the sign is new (within the last couple of years) would the French language defense apply?
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