Fail To Stop - Amber Light Section 144(15)

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Fail To Stop - Amber Light Section 144(15)

by: boredhuman on

Hello Everyone,

I got my 2nd ticket in 12 years and last one was in November 2018 in DC where I was traveling for work and made an illegal U-turn (unknowingly). Yesterday, I was pulled over in York region for crossing the lights while they were yellow and as far as I remember, the light did NOT turn red at any point while I crossed the intersection. There were no accidents, damages, injuries or anything. Cop was behind me and I honestly thought I would not be able to stop before the stop line, hence I crossed the intersection. I am going to fight this in court (my first time ever going to any court) and have requested a trail.

However, what I am not sure is if I should represent myself or have a paralegal represent myself. I say this because few lawyers and paralegals I have called in the GTA area tell me that there is almost no chance I will be able to successfully fight this if I am representing myself and there is a good chance they can successfully fight it since the law for this section (section 144(15)) states that I should make judgement call on whether or not I can stop in time.

What makes me wonder, if they make it sound so simple for them, with a little bit of legwork, shall I represent myself or are they actually right that the chances of them dismissed in court are substantially higher than me self representing.

Other details:

I do not drive to work or my work does not require me to drive. I work from home most of the time and I have time to do this myself. Also, I did not accelerate or increase my speed at any point.

TLDR: Shall I represent myself for a moving traffic violation or shall I hire a paralegal/lawyer?

Thank you

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