Amber Light Fail To Stop

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Amber Light Fail To Stop

by: PepsiLime on
Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:44 pm

I'm hoping to get some advice on how to proceed with my situation:

Back story: I've been driving a rental car for about a week since someone hit my card and it's in the shop for repair.
I have been driving for 5 to 6 years and this is my first ticket/offense.
The road conditions were good/dry.

I drove through a yellow light at an intersection (heading east) and there was a cruiser stopped (facing north) which I saw prior to entering the intersection. While I was in the intersection the light changed to red. I had continued through the amber light as I'm not completely used to the rental and thought it would be safer to proceed rather than risk stopping midway into the intersection. The officer immediately pulled me over and accused me of running a red light, stating "I was sitting right there and saw you run the red light". I had a passenger in my car who also agrees that it was amber (the officer also had someone in the front seat of their vehicle, though I'm not sure why...). I felt like the officer was rather grumpy for no reason...but anyway,

The officer issued me the "amber light fail to stop" ticket as the fee is less ($180) . It doesn't look like there are any mistakes on the ticket- but only one street is stated (probably doesn't matter).

So, I contacted a traffic ticket defender, their fee is $350+tax, and that's only if they speak with a prosecutor and reduce the ticket to Disobeying a Lane Light, not including if they go to court on my behalf.

I'm wondering how hard is it to meet with the prosecutor and try to reduce the ticket myself?
And if it goes to court?
Also how much of a difference do the 2 charges vary when it comes to insurance rate increases?

Thank you in advance!!
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by: FyreStorm on
Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:11 am

Check off option 2 and go make your own deal! $350 to negotiate is a lot of money. If they balk at Disobey Lane Light (they shouldn't) the Amber Light is much better than a Red Light Ticket...

As for your defence of 'I'm not used to that car' I find that foolish...I've driven hundreds of different vehicles from 5 ton flatbeds to Smart cars, M3s to Ambulances...traffic lights are set up so they can all stop in time...
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