Fail to stop at amber light 144.15

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Fail to stop at amber light 144.15

by: decade10 on
Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:23 am

I was 2 cars behind someone turning left on a 2 lane road, so from a stop I changed lanes and accelerated. I was watching the people behind me and waited for them to lane change and drive past me so I didn't notice the light about to change. The light turned yellow when I was maybe 6 feet away from it. I continued to accelerate through the light, as the person behind the car that was turning left was starting to go through as well. I needed to change lanes to avoid the upcoming parked cars so I continued to accelerate as I went through. In the end I was going maybe 25-30 in a 50.

The only thing I can think will be problematic is the officer told me that he noticed me accelerate through the intersection and I absent-mindedly agreed that was the case, which might constitute not proceeding with caution.

Essentially my defense is that being so close to the intersection I couldn't reasonably stop in time, and in response to my accelerating through I was approaching from a stop (so naturally I was accelerating to the speed limit) and was also ensuring I had enough distance to safely lane change once I was through the intersection. I can't do anything until Monday, any thoughts?
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