disobey stop sign - Asking for a second disclosure?

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disobey stop sign - Asking for a second disclosure?

by: Photo_Op on
Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:24 pm

I am planning my defense for a 136 (1)(a) Disobey stop sign ticket. When I filed the paperwork to proceed to trial I submitted the form from the clerk requesting a disclosure. I wish I would have know about this site prior to submitting "their" standard request form. I received a copy of the ticket and hand written notes. I can't quite read all of what the notes say. Can I request another disclosure with a typed copy of the notes. From what I can read of the notes they lack some detail of where the patrol car was parked, what direction it was facing when the alleged offense to place. This will form the bases of my defense. Can I request more detailed info? Should I? I would like to know what he will say when I ask him questions regrading being able to see the stop line. I now have a copy of the sample disclosure from this site. Can I resubmit my (the sample) form asking for a typed version of the notes and more detail?
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