Disclosure requests and prosecutor responsibility to provide

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Disclosure requests and prosecutor responsibility to provide

by: Bollockchops30 on
Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:58 pm

I read about disclosure request (S) here.

I was charged with No Full Stop, and requested disclosure of notes and video/audio evidence.
-I received photocopy of officers written notes, but they are pretty unintelligible to me. (Officer uses a lot of short form, and much of the writing is illegible etc.)
-I have not received the Video/Audio evidence.
-How many times are you expected to ask for disclosure evidence? I thought one request would suffice, but i read about multiple requests here.
-How far in advance of trial would a judge feel is reasonable time to for the prosecution to provide the evidense in order to prepare?
-If I go to trial, and ask for adjournment, and the court suggest a a date after January 23, 2014 (the infraction date was jan 23, 2013) would that be an 11(b) situation? Is it incumbent upon me to point that out to the court, or let them make the error an take advantage of it?

-On a side note - How do I know if the Officer is in court to proceed?
If he is not, would it not be better to not ask to adjourn, and proceed with a Not Guilty plea?
(I have read this question being asked before here, but the reply did not address this specific issue)

My trial date is December 2, 2013

Thanks for any and all advice.
PS. Any paralegal here who could assist in an 11(b) submission if it comes to that, I would appreciate your direct assistance. Not sure if you can message me directly.
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